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Why do we need a ‘Right to Read’ campaign in Scotland?

A child learns to read once in their life—we now have robust evidence through scientific enquiry that means we know exactly what to do to ensure that we get this right for every child. All children, including those with reading difficulties and dyslexia, should be taught using the most up-to-date scientifically proven methodologies.

Despite being the home of the world-renowned Clackmannanshire research, the teaching of reading and spelling is still left to chance in Scotland.

Most children do not receive systematic synthetic phonics and most programmes adopted by schools in Scotland do not align with current international research.

Unfortunately, because teachers in Scotland are not routinely trained in research-informed reading instruction, many are unaware of what research-informed reading instruction looks like or how to support and assess children most effectively with reading and spelling difficulties.

You can help us raise awareness of the issues and support our campaign in the following ways:

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