Explore the current key topics for literacy teaching in Scotland with some brief summaries and links to the most relevant research and studies.


English is one of the most complex alphabetic languages in the world, but research shows the best way to teach it is through systematic synthetic phonics.

School at Seven?

Upstart is campaigning to raise the school starting age in Scotland to 7. But what would this mean in practice and is it really the right thing to do?

Kindergarten Claims

Here we take a closer look at the claims made by Upstart Scotland and scrutinise the evidence behind their key arguments to introduce a kindergarten stage in Scotland.

Play-Based Learning

Many caring and well-meaning practitioners and teachers are pushing for entirely play-based learning. But is play really the way when it comes to learning to read?

Phonics For All?

Is phonics really suitable for all children? What about children with additional support needs? Can they learn to read with phonics too?

Further Reading

Want to know more? Have a look at this list of recommended books, websites and online learning courses to take your reading knowledge further.

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